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So when these creatures come together in the mystical cloud forests of Costa Rica, a visual symphony ensues. click here Of course these relationships become are all the more fascinating once you realize that they are all about flower sex.

Orchids need to have their pollen distributed, and hummingbirds do the job unwittingly, while feasting on energy-rich nectar.

When we told them we were moving to Central America they thought we were nuts. So why was moving to Costa Rica preferable to other countries in Central America? Although it’s a popular travel destination Costa Rica is still wild, untamed and rugged.

You see we were already living the dream lifestyle, working from home with our own business on stunning Waiheke Island in New Zealand with its sub-tropical climate, laid back vibe and stunning beaches. No matter how great our lifestyle was, and we did know how lucky we were, the pull of adventure was too great to resist. So we chose to move to Costa Rica in Central America because we wanted to move somewhere which fitted these main criteria: Before leaving New Zealand we spent months researching which Central American country would be best for us before finally settling on Panama and rejecting its more popular neighbor Costa Rica which seemed to be:1. I guess we’re fussy about beaches having been spoilt in New Zealand but since the one main aim in our lives is to live by a gorgeous beach finding a beach which made the grade in Central America took time.

I heard my name in the sentence so I asked what he had said.