Internet dating communication

Consider each match seriously—we all know the Internet is all about skimming through pages quickly, but when it comes to finding someone truly great to spend your time with, it’s important to give each person the careful consideration that you hope your matches will bring to you.

Each one of your matches has been selected for you for many reasons—29, in fact (see 29 Dimensions of Compatibility)—so each match is already a deeply compatible combination.

Making her compliments based only on her looks could be a red flag if the compliment isn’t genuine.

Take your time until you see something you really like about her and mention it.

By the way, complimenting a woman on her personality is not being done often, so you’ll definitely stand out.

Also keep in mind that bad grammar, spelling mistakes and poor language are huge turnoffs.

Even if I don’t have a conclusive answer to their query, I’ll at least say something like, “I’m not sure, let me get back to you.” This lets them know that I’ve received their message, and more importantly, that I respect them enough to put their mind at ease about the details. No, the things you first notice about someone are their physical features. You are what you text, and when I say “text” I’m including communication in the online dating realm. Let me get back to my original point, because I could go on for days about my advocacy for delaying gratification in all its forms. The point is that, regardless of your gender or the gender that you’re interested in, if you are just as accessible as random bits of information, then why would they be interested in you? Well, I don’t really either, but having a grown-up job has taught me the merits of planning. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to grammar and spelling.