contactalliance dating - Adult dating hotline

You can access the live chat by going to by texting "loveis" to the SMS shortcode 77054, or by calling 1-866-331-9474 (TTY: 1-866-331-8453).

For your information: Federal and state laws and CSU/Cal State LA policies prohibit dating and domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking, and other forms of misconduct.

This prohibition applies to students, employees, and others; as well as to conduct both on and off-campus.

Services available through local agencies generally include: 24-hour hotlines; services for women, men and individuals who identify elsewhere on the gender spectrum; children's services; LGBT-sensitive care; information and referrals; accompaniment and support for forensic exams and law enforcement and criminal justice interviews; legal services; short-term and long-term counseling; support groups; emergency shelter or shelter referrals; and other advocacy services.

Relationships play a huge part in our daily lives, and people describe relationships in many different ways.

Speak honestly with a school counselor and with your partner.