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You have been told to go upstairs and put on those white leggings and the skimpy top we bought in Inverness, no bra or panties,and the two leather cuffs on your wrists that you will find laying on the bed, your wondering where your Master is going to tie you up,not outside, as its too cold, maybe in the garden room, or the garage, perhaps to the spare bed or here in our bedroom.

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You go down stairs into the kitchen where your Master waits, you watch his reaction to the way your dressed, he looks at you witha satisfied smile, hummmm you know your already turning him on, you know he's probably thinking of the time you went swinging wearing very similar clothes, you give a little twirl showing him the smooth outline of your bum, you hope no one comes to the house as its plain to see your naked under the skimpy clothes, you will give the postman a heart attack if he sees you like this.

"Back upstairs slave and wait on the landing". "Yes Master" Moving back up the stairs you wonder where he's going to play with you, you notice that the banister rail is just the right height to tie your wrists too.

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