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A few years ago Mike, Jodie and I together with another friend of ours, James Duffy, set up a joke online dating website called Darwin Dating.We'd recently read a book called Buzz Marketing which is about ways to get people to talk about your brand and we wanted to test the theory out.

It usually starts with hoot rats/hillbillies and ends with someone who gives as much, if not more, than you have with every failed relationship. That's some serious darwin dating, one day you will find a bitch who can walk on land.

Jeff: I just don't fucking get these crazy bitches!

We could charge members a fee in those markets, but not in places like Sydney (100 members).

As we've since learnt, other dating sites either target specific geographic regions, or group together 100's of niche dating sites like ours that all share the same membership base. It's likely to be most valuable to a dating site aggregator, though someone who was motivated to push the PR a little could no doubt get the site a lot more press and improve upon it's already very good SEO rankings, and potentially reach the point of critical mass to charge users, at least in some markets.

Tall claims indeed, but pull up a stool and watch the fish feeding in the marina anyway.