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While initially sparking a romance with Dexter, it's shown that she has a violent response to betrayal and is not above exploiting others to her needs (even going so far as to light her apartment on fire to draw Dexter closer to her).Her manipulative nature wards Dexter away, realizing that she was "poisoning" his life and she even frames Angel Batista as a date rapist-abuser as part of her diabolical thinking.Check out photos of Gloria James and her new beau below.

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Young West was encouraged to draw, and it was said that he got his first paints from his Indian friends.

When he was 16 his Quaker community approved art training for him.

Known in London as "the American Raphael," he became a friend of Sir Joshua Reynolds, England's leading painter.

Soon other influential Londoners, Samuel Johnson for one, took an interest in the young American.

She meets with Dexter Morgan after he commits himself to the group in spite of his girlfriend Rita Bennett, appeasing what she thought was an addiction to heroin following a realization about her now deceased ex-husband Paul Bennett.