Who is leeann rimes dating

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In an exclusive interview with Radar Online.com, Scheana Marie, 27, claims that the hunky star contacted her to met up for drinks soon after he split with Glanville in 2009.

PHOTOS: Le Ann Rimes Gives Bizarre Barefoot Performance Eddie was already dating Le Ann at the time, but the Vanderpump Rules star says she had no idea he was already seeing someone else believing he was single and separated. He then contacts me to go out for drinks,” Scheana tells Radar.

“I believed he was separated, so I was happy to go out with him again.

But shortly into trying to hang out with him I find out about Le Ann, and I felt like such an idiot!

I have a project I’m funding, and there’s a role for you that would be great.’” Needless to say, Scheana and Eddie haven’t spoken for a few years.