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There are a few descent people there, but 99% are looking for a quick sexual hook up and nothing more. Its usually photo from a long time ago when they were young and thin.

“When Harry Met Sally” posed the age-old question, and seemed to answer it: No. This popular You Tube video posits largely the same premise – men will always want to sleep with their platonic girlfriends.

But if you’re lucky, you can fall in love with your best friend.

This message needed its own column, because it revealed the answer to one of life’s great questions. The reader’s name is Olivia, and I’m sure every guy reading this has emailed his fair share of Olivias. You wonder why they’re even on Match, and how one could ever be noticed in the torrent of emails they surely receive. : At the risk of coming of narcissistic, I’ll admit that I am an attractive girl. I travel for a living which most people find intriguing, Ivy League-educated, and have guys always telling me I’m the quintessential “dream girl”. (As an aside, I love that even with all this attention, she’s still received zero phone alerts. Most guys take it easy and move on, some attempt second emails (which is usually successful), sometimes even third (which is never successful), but most generally understand: if a girl doesn’t respond, she’s not interested and don’t get upset over I was not hot enough in few pics on a website to get a reply from a supermodel(sarcasm) like you, based on your pics you think way too high of yourself, see I accept being average looking, hence the email to you. I wanted to ignore it, but it made me angry so I had to write something back.

And her job, most likely, is not “Writing Emails to Dudes I Don’t Know.” Now, do I have any reason to believe this? So really, anyone still doubting that Olivia’s pretty hot? All these emails mean I end up not responding to the vast majority of them just due to the sheer number.

Because 49 other guys hit her up at the exact same time. ALSO, she sent me this: a copy of her Match dashboard. 78 new emails, 3811 profile views, and 182 people making Olivia a favorite. I had no idea the counter even went into quadruple digits!


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