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And in order to detach you will have to find a way to accept that your daughter may not ever become the version of an adult you insist she must be. You must first trust that you did your best as a parent, and then you must accept your adult children as they are. We think she might be bipolar, but again don’t know how to bring this up without upsetting her.

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Previously known as Larkspur Landing Shopping Center, now Marin Country Mart.

Marin Country Mart is the North Bay's one-of-a-kind shopping and dining haven with unique boutique shops, local services and restaurants. AMAZING BEER & killer patio seating that allows you to run the kids around after ordering food to see the koi/turtle pond, toy store, book store and small outdoor play area.

LARKSPUR - The closest public library to Larkspur, Colorado is 10 miles away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your literary fix in the town of less than 200 people.