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I go to SF state and I live about 10 minutes outside of SF. healthy, caring heart and soul people from the inside and out who are true genuine and authentic friends of integrity with their word and action, transparent, vulnerable, loving and affectionate and practice higher consciousness living.

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Over the past four months, the Board has reviewed an extensive study of each of AISD’s 55 campuses.

The district’s aging facilities have been a focus because nearly 80 percent of schools are more than 50 years old.

I enjoy domestic and extroverted life and adventure and trying new things.

I am calling in diverse good people with heart and soul, and authentic meaningful long lasting quality friendships who and clear open fair communication.

They understand mutuality, focused, positive goals in their life, drama free, healthy balanced life style, positive, harmony, mutual harmony, loving, playful, fun-loving, silly, loyal, thoughtful, supportive, nurturing, empowering, and respectful.