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They were farmers, craftsmen, teachers, preachers and adherents of a number of religious traditions: people who fled the arbitrary power of German princes and who sought refuge in southern Russia and a fruitful region historically known as Bessarabia.

The Bessarabia-Germans brought along their piety, pragmatism, humility and industriousness.

Complexul original care a fost sediu atât pentru Monogram cât și pentru Allied Artists se află la adresa 4376 Sunset Drive, fiind utilizat ca parte a Centrului Media al Bisericii Scientologice (fosta televiziune KCET).

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Sporty photos, however, are big winners - women are 166 per cent more likely and men are 45 per cent more likely to get matches with sports-related photos.

According to my good friend Will, font of all knowledge, 90% of people decide to date someone based on their dating photos alone.

I left Chernivtsi, Ukraine – my best discovery of 2015 – early in the morning.

The distance looked fairly close on the map but the journey in the small bus (known also as marshrutka in Eastern Europe) was supposed to take 7,5 hours.

An exhibition curated by a Berlin historian looks at German communities once based in Moldova that got swept away in the chaos of World War II.