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Men are much more sexual creatures than women - just goes with that high-testosterone turf. Out of the ten happily married women I interviewed as part of this process - eight privately admitted fulfilling their guys desire to sometimes being penetrated anally. I know from personal experience - both have a high propensity to “cheat”. It’s because they can’t ever find enough places to that thing. difference between what healthy born-women and their transgender counterparts discussed when talking about finding potential marriage partners. Those requirements were commonly rooted in issues known to have a big impact on marriage success: shared dreams, goals, religion, family and children, views on money, etc. We started off talking about looks, height and if he was top or bottom. Am I the only one that immediately gets how childish we’re being when it comes to love, sex and marriage?

However, if you ask just about any transsexual woman to do a transsexual thing: it’s a guy thing! Ironically, the other two men - who didn’t need or want such stimulation from their female partner? We need to embrace being more open minded when it comes to sex with a man if we want to increase our likelihood for developing a successful marriage.

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Thus, if you provide him a detailed playbook from the get-go…are we under the delusion he’s not going to agree with us regardless of reality if he thinks that might get him laid? No guy I interviewed was willing to get serious with a transsexual gal that was actively doing porn or escorting.