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The lines between virtual life and real life are becoming increasingly blurred, and it threatens to undo a lot of the good that’s been done by women's rights campaigners over the past decades.

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We’ve made a lot of progress on the quest for equality between the sexes, so it’s pretty depressing to hear news like this.

You also have to wonder who these men are, that they have enough time in their days to have THREE HUNDRED conversations with their phones.

Find out which side of the game would you like to take.

Whether it's watching a pathetic sumissive sex slave begging or giving in to a harsh dominatrix that knows how to viciously use her flogger, choose your partner and start the raunchy ride to domination sex games.

The teen was taken to the motel on Friday, and was unaware Lewis allegedly posted her information on Backpage. Lewis raped the teen while he held her captive, police said. The girl repeatedly told Lewis she did not want to have sex with strangers for money, but he told her she needed to in order to pay him back for transporting her across the state, the report says.


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