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disclaims any responsibility for specifying which marks are owned by which companies or organizations.

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AL40 Multics Programmers' Manual- Reference Guide Order No. If the reader needs more information on termi- nology than is given here, he should refer to "Glossary of Multics Terms" in Section I of the Multics Programmer's Manual Reference Guide, Order No. ACL access control list; it describes who may access an entry in the Multics storage system and in what way (see modes below).

Control arguments are only listed; they are not defined in detail in this document.

%rwhois V-1.00 rwhois.(by Unified Layer, V-1.0.0) network: Class-Name:network network: ID: NETBLK-UL..0/20 network: Auth-Area: .0/20 network: Network-Name: UL-.0/20 network: IP-Network: .0/20 network: Organization: Unified Layer network: Tech-Contact: [email protected]: Admin-Contact: [email protected]: Abuse-Contact: [email protected]: Created: 20121119 network: Updated: 20121119 network: Updated-By: [email protected]%ok has 2 outlinks.

The relation of external links to inner links influences the distribution of the site's weight in general.

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