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All three times Brogan Rafferty was along for the ride.He is not really Beasley's nephew, but a local who has a juvenile fixation with the Mafia.Nine days ago, a disturbing missive appeared on the Craigslist page for Tulsa, Okla.

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Tonya's nightmare all began when her father places an innocent-looking ad on Craigslist.

Each one travels down a dark secluded road with Richard Beasley and 16-year-old Brogan Rafferty, who Beasley calls his nephew.

He is also very handy with a shovel and the eyewitness to Beasley's brutal murders. The gentleman was still breathing, so Beasley went up and got the gun close to him and he shot him again.

He offered a chilling account of Timothy Kern's final moments: "I heard a 'pop' and I turn around and Mr. And I said 'He's still alive,' and he said 'His brain's dead, there's no way, he's got four bullets in his head and I put one between his eyes.'" Once he is dead, like all of Beasley's victims they empty his wallet and bury him.

The homicide squad has found no open cases matching the murder described in the post, at least not within the past few months; they haven’t ruled out the possibility that the post is a prank or a hoax.