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This might shock you a little bit, but I’m waiting to respond back to a text from a girl I’m interested in. With everything being so in our modern society, you might think it’s a good idea to respond to someone communicating with you as fast as possible. If you’re over 25, you probably understand the merits of face-to-face communication and the value of working hard for something that you want. The (Absurdly Detailed) Playbook Let me give you a real life scenario with breakdowns on key gameplay, that literally just happened.

Nope, not waiting for someone else to text, as you might think.

There's so much to be sad (and angry) about in the wake of today's massacre in Connecticut: the senseless loss of innocent life, the likely festering of untreated mental illness, this country's obsession with packing heat... People without children aren't heartless creatures who love less than the rest of you. We understand the need to protect innocent children.

We worry about our nieces, nephews, friends' children. It's bad enough that unmarried, childless women are entirely excluded from an ongoing political conversation that obsesses over "working moms" and "working families," as if single professionals don't take a beating without a dependent or two to write off (or a mortgage if we can't afford a home because we're living off of only one income).

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