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Leven is a little lost - college was never in the cards for her, and now that it’s all anyone can talk about she is starting to doubt herself more than she’ll admit. well, Alex is about to break the bro code and fall for his best friend’s little sister.The Golden Trio only has a few months left together to figure out how they’re going to handle being apart, and it comes with a lot of late-night pranks, a little jealousy, and more than their fair share of sneaking around.

Isabelle is obsessed with February 14th and the word “chummy” and Alex is the best friend a girl can have, with a little bit of pretend relationship and the two best cities in the country thrown in for fun.

Isabelle has landed the part of her dreams, and she is surrounded by people she never could have imagined working with, including Alexander Ludwig, the cocky blonde actor, four years older than her and too cool to even learn her name, or so she thought.

She studied public health at Syracuse University, received her Bachelor of Science in 2010 and was part of the Kappa Kappa Gamma. Pedra worked in the on-site product productions at Preston Marketing Concepts, after that she became a B.

P Shoe Sales Associate at Nordstrom and since May, 2010 until this day she is a NE Field Marketing Rep and Isola Account Representative at the Sofft Shoe Company.

It's a relationship that was doomed to fail from the start, something Isabelle quickly figures out as the movie wraps and the entire cast heads back to LA.


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