Dating girls in asuncion paraguay

Prostitution in Paraguay is legal for persons over the age of 18. Prostitution is rampant and obvious after dark on the main avenues in the outskirts and in small parts of the city center's oldest parts near the port.

Dating girls in asuncion paraguay

It was beautiful, peaceful, and a huge contrast to my welcome to the country.

I had only seen one glimpse of Paraguay in Ciudad del Este where I had just come from, but so far it seemed that was a polar opposite of everywhere else I would be seeing.

I had no idea what to expect from Asuncion- I had never even seen a photo- but two great friends of Henry's had agreed to wait and pick me up from the bus station, and if I was going to visit somewhere I knew next to nothing about, seeing it through the perspectives of a couple of locals seemed the best way to do it.

The six-hour cross-country bus played some American movie about pre-teen girls who compete in horse vaulting, and it was so far beyond me why this movie was ever dubbed into Spanish and even more why they were showing it on this bus in Paraguay.

Prostitutes in Asuncion, Paraguay can be found in streets, special private clubs, massage parlors or in some late night bars or night clubs.