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Jessica Alba and Jack Black formed an unlikely couple when they appeared in a Super Bowl special episode of The Office.

The A-listers starred as themselves in a one-hour special of the US show in a spoof film in which the funnyman falls for Alba's grandmother.

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Fellow UCLA student, Tim Robbins, later cast Black in Bob Roberts.

Black gained recurring roles on the HBO sketch comedy series, Mr. Black's adult career began with acting on prime time television.

Black's parents divorced when he was 10; Black moved to Culver City with his father and frequently visited his mother's home.

As a child, Black appeared in a commercial for the Activision game Pitfall! but dropped out during his sophomore year to pursue a career in entertainment.

On their travels, they meet Cain and Abel on a fateful day, stop Abraham from killing Isaac, become slaves, and reach the city of Sodom where their tribe is now enslaved.