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If memory serves, I watched my first World Cup matches in 1990.

Arch is perfect for someone like me, someone ready to take the training wheels off of Linux. I was so unhappy with Unity that I decided to install gnome shell and use it as my default shell. Open your .gitconfig directory in your user home directory. Because we use git svn and clone each svn repo separately at work, it makes it difficult to move from trunk to branch and back again.

Every holiday season, they take the moon tower in Zilker and decorate it as a tree. We took this from one of the tee off spots for disc golf at night. I finally made the big switch to Arch Linux for my laptop.

This shot is from standing underneath the tower(tree). This decision came from great frustration with Ubuntu’s last upgrade and specifically, Unity. The more I play with bash functions, the more I realize how much I can automate my typing in Linux.

While it's designed for folks who want a complete development environment and includes a code editor, Android emulator, and compiler, you can use just the command line tools and never open the rest.