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Are you asking for "segulos" that can help find a shidduch, or would you prefer practical advice?

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Forty days before the formation of an embryo, a Heavenly voice proclaims: The daughter of this one is destined to marry this one.

Sanhedrin 22a When Hashem first created man, He created Adam and Chavah together as one, and then He separated them.

So, when one of the extraordinary women who organized this event invited me to participate, I was actually reluctant to attend. But because I like and respect this woman so much, and wanted to validate her efforts, I RSVP’d “Yes.” “How are you going to work this? “How are you going to ensure that all the girls get equal time? Is this process not going to end up even more demeaning than a resume?

In this class (series of posts) I will profess the merits and optimal structure of a shidduch resume within my demographic of the shidduchim world.

aku cuba menjerit tp sia2 kerana rumah tu jauh dari rumah lisa cakap aku xperlu kata aku xperlu risau kerana bile selesai lpas kan aku..kemudian pn mai, lec aku yang ajar subjek 3D datang dan mencium dahi aku sambil berkata pelahan, awak la satu2 nya pelajar yang membuat kami x tido xtau pnah ternampak puan mai menggosok pepeknya kat tandas kolej.patut xmarah bile aku buka xtau ade orang kat dalam.rupenye die melancap.masing da buka baju..mereka menjilat2 badan aku.terasa geli..konek ku mulai keras..tiba2 pn mengajar subjek IT, (bkan lec yang ajar aku) memegang konek aku dan mencium kpala konekku di ikuti yang lain2.tak pernah di jilat lagi.pernah mengolom, menghisap lagi.pernah dia rasakan selazat kami lakukan kata adik tiri ku..pernah lagi tertelan air mani...


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