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Each week during the month of April, we'll select some of our favorite entries, send them some prizes, and feature them on both Victoria's and Earth Rated's social media accounts.

If you’re anything like me, you are sick to death of movies with engaging storytelling, proper sound mixing, smooth frame rate and interesting, likeable characters. One of my favourite parts of seeing a horror movie in the theater is the moment when the entire audience turns on it and just starts openly mocking it. It disappointed in literally every other aspect though.

In fact, he’s kind of done it by posting this all online. Well, he didn’t follow her strict “This is how you Tinder with Marwa, Motherfucker” rules and he dared to hit on her THE WRONG WAY. she casually told him she found it to be unfortunate that Hitler wasn’t successful in his quest to eliminate all jews from planet earth.

Las Vegas escorts are one of the town’s most popular attractions.

My comrades over at drunkinagraveyard also wrote a review for this badboy, so check their take on this movie over yonder Unfriended is almost the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life and if you scroll down past this review you’ll see that I recently watched 50 shades of grey. That being said, this movie was hilarious and super enjoyable in the theater.


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    You're bound to feel at home here because Australia's culturally diverse society includes its Indigenous peoples and settlers from 200 countries around the world.

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    In fact Club Hedonism was the first Swingers Night Club in South Florida.

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