Laurene powell dating friends with benefits while dating

She and her daughter, Eve, are in Croatia making the most out of the 0.0 million yacht Steve Jobs reportedly never got to use.

And joining the mother and daughter is Laurene Powell’s boyfriend, Adrian Fenty.

His resumé contains more consulting jobs at different firms.

The Laurene Powell Jobs Trust […] owns 2.5% of Disney and Laurene Powell Jobs owns 4% of the media firm […] The Disney stake, which is worth far more than her estimated 0.7% of Apple, stems from Disney’s 2006 purchase of animation studio Pixar, which Steve Jobs owned.

Powell Jobs’ primary endeavor is running Emerson Collective, a philanthropy-focused venture focusing on education and immigration reform and environmental issues that has recently made investments in the entertainment biz.

“Laurene Powell Jobs remains a significant shareholder in the Walt Disney Co.

That’s roughly half of the 128.3 million shares Powell Jobs owned at the end of 2015. The largest Disney shareholder now is investment management firm Vanguard Group, which owns 5.5% of the company’s outstanding shares, per Disney’s proxy statement filed Jan. After Steve Jobs died in 2011, the 138 million Disney shares he owned — from Disney’s $7.4 billion acquisition of Pixar — were transferred to a trust run by Powell Jobs.