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“It’s hard to go find people in this line of work,” Mahany said.“I’m sure there are more.” Mahany said the class action, which must be certified by the court, could wind up including 1,000 current and former phone actors who worked for Tele Pay over the past three years, as reported.With cell phone networks out of commission, payphones, with their old-fashioned copper wire infrastructure, were often the only way residents in distress could call for help or communicate with loved ones.“We have these phone booths that have become under-utilized,” says Kallos.

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Cannon alleges that the company engaged in a “pattern of intentional manipulation and exploitation” to cheat workers out of their earnings, and violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by paying them as little as $4.20 per hour.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Brian Mahany told Law.com, per the , that this suit may be the first to allege unpaid wages for sex-talk workers.

Councilmember Ben Kallos, who represents Manhattan’s Upper East Side and has a background in software development, says that the first priority is “making sure that phone booths remain,” rather than uprooting them entirely as might be tempting in an era of ubiquitous cell phones.

During Hurricane Sandy, which devastated low-lying coastal areas of New York City, payphones became a lifeline for residents in need of help.

Orlando resident Cannon, who has worked for Tele Pay since 2008, claims in her suit that her job entails fielding calls on sex chat lines, with the fee going directly to the company.