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We are not driven to collect data – that is not our purpose. We’ve created in-depth courses based on established psychological and child development theories, which you can access in bite-sized 15-20 minute chunks.Our popular online course about 0-18 year olds was the first to be awarded the Government's CANparent Quality Mark.Anchoring data to Bitcoin network protects Exonum against history revisions by leveraging the tremendous security of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

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It is designed to allow you, your company or your government to build a tailor-cut private or permissioned blockchain that solves your challenges and enjoys the unmatched security of the Bitcoin Blockchain. Exonum's Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus algorithm excludes single points of failure and makes blockchain resilient to nodes crashes or bad actors.

Exonum brings all the advantages of a true blockchain — auditability, transparency, and unparalleled security — and combines them with privacy, efficiency and controllability. All received information is validated on the client side with the help of Exonum light client, securing clients against Mit M attacks.

Become more informed about the role you play in your child’s development … You can read the latest research and refresh your knowledge.

you know, the things that Mum’s just seem to know with no evidence of having read up on it! ) That's why they come to our website, so they can understand just how great you are. Do the online antenatal course or the postnatal course or the online course for parents to support your child with your grandchild!

What were their intentions once they were released? One particularly poignant letter came from Stephen Richards, a former senior executive at Computer Associates (CA).