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Her mother falls from English- Irish descent and while she was 2 years old her parents had divorce and got legally separated.

She used to travel along with her father and half-brother Carl Jr. From later 1980, Carla officially started her career after she completed her education.

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Mostly people recognize her because of her performance in Spy Kids trilogy where she got Ingrid Cortez as character as presented.

Additionally within Watchmen in 2009 she got to work as Sally Jupiter.

After that, she was billed as the lead characters on crime drama series "Karen Sisco" and science fiction drama series "Threshold".

She is an American actress working from the year 1988 who is originally belonging from Sarasota, Florida of USA.

When her parents divorced, only her father moved back in Sweden. So, she was raised by her mother and got her talent and all inspiration from her mother.