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College is a huge developmental period for myself and many others and the elitist in me believes any aware couple should simply wait until they’re out in the real world to cement their future. This three-year period would be her time to develop herself independently, diligently carving out her career path with intention alone. She met the most mature, sincere, thoughtful, caring, goofy, commitment-phile (if that’s not a term… I’m attached and I’m not the least bit ashamed of it. You came into your degree with an eager resume ready to feast itself on experience. These aren’t rhetorical questions — they’re real ones. I do know my grammar but in the interest of an authentic writing voice, you won’t always find me exercising my AP English knowledge.

But let’s examine the college couple case studies I presented earlier: couples that are married college or just thereafter. And when you settle for following your significant other to his/her location of choice, you’re limiting your options. If you want to be a computer programmer, you’re not going to have lots of luck in South Carolina. You move to South Carolina because you’ve found the love of your life and you’re not going to give that up. College is an amazing place to find “the one” if such a person exists. How do college relationships wrangle their diverging paths into one convergent one?

But suppose the person never did anything, never demonstrated the love in any way. Otherwise it is a beautiful concept that remains in the theoretical. We recognize it, but the only way to make it happen is to live it, to emulate it.

When God says, "Six days a week you will do all your work," He is not just talking about making the office deadlines.

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    Years passed and business steadily increased, allowing the company to build a library and a canteen for their workers next to providing cheap housing for employees that originally had lived further away. But the 'home front' was not much better and the relatively short-lived business in Duisdorf which had specialized on 'Zwiebelmuster' (Blue Onion) and 'Strohblume' (Strawflower) decorated items remained in family hands only until 1935 before it was sold due to economic reasons (see there).

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