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– are made ludicrous when refracted through it, and discussions of it soon prove as futile as an inquiry into angels salsa dancing on the head of a pin. We planned viewing parties which never materialized, or else ended in giddy intoxicated readings of the film’s Wiki Quotes page, an illegal copy of the feature never located.

Drama is comedy, plot is superfluous, spoons fly, and we’re ready to cheer when Wiseau tells us that “computers” have cured Claudette’s cancer.

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There isn’t any meanness in it, no smart cynicism and no cruelty. I asked Wiseau about this – if he knew that was “The Room” from the very beginning. “It’s not supposed to be just ‘The Room.’ It can be anyplace, a basement, a forest. It’s yours.” These words – characteristically esoteric – slammed the keystone into the theory I’d been building all night: that was exactly the kind of pure accident mixed with the purest of intentions the only English word for which is ‘miracle.’ None of Wiseau’s greatest fans could argue for a logical, plot-based reason why the film should be titled “The Room.” I dare them to try.

He spoke with pride about his work in Bay area real estate, saying it helped him to cope with some of the criticism that followed his movie. Not for the first time that night, I couldn’t help but laugh. knows the peculiar kind of laughter that comes along with it.

Fans of the series know the source material multiple excellent plotlines to follow, including the addition of multiple new Rangers, one of whom is mentioned during the film’s mid-credits teaser.

In the scene, the group’s school teacher announces a new student will be joining them, Tommy Oliver.

The suit adds: “Plaintiff, who was watching the initial showing, was shocked, horrified, and outraged to observe this intrusion into her privacy to all to see.” Nizewitz claims she was told while filming the series that her genitals would be blurred or cropped out, and that producers gave her additional assurances about blurring before she agreed to the wrestling scene.


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