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Synopsis from Seven Seas: A comedic dark fantasy about vampire clans, a vampire princess, and the man who hunts them! I apologize for asking such a mundane question, but do you all believe in vampires? At any rate, my body is..." Japanese light novelist. all take place in the same universe, even if they rarely interact.

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I was comming up at such an insane rate my body physically hurt. It was a sort of aching feeling in my chest and legs.

I stood up and fell back into my chair, I could no longer walk. T (pm) At this point I could tell my trip was turning bad, I had come up so intensly that I started to get scared (I remember saying ' it' out loud).

The baby isn’t dropping, something is not right, the OR is being prepped.

I do not have what I need for them to split me open and staple me shut. Plus, this fear of having a ginormous scar over my belly and never wearing a two piece bikini ever again.

Working all day while having contractions is fun by the way on top of the half mile walk from my parking spot to work. I’m pretty sure my coworkers were only half joking about it all… Although I worked in a hospital, the VA is not a place to deliver a baby.