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Free online f buddies

Footage of an older and wiser Nash was shown in which he acknowledges that his paranoid views of other people at the time were false.

Curtis examines how game theory was used to create the USA's nuclear strategy during the Cold War.

The vast majority of winners at top fairs have a mentor, AND the vast majority of students have to find their own mentors (85% of the 2005 Intel Science Talent Search (now the Regeneron Science Talent Search) finalists had to do this). With a little modification, these steps can also be used to contact a mentor who is not nearby (do a phone interview instead of a meeting, and so forth). O'Donnell adds, "Advice for teachers: Students must find their own mentors! This advice comes from many times when I've mentored kids and they come back complaining about my choice, the lab, etc.

Mentors respond when contacted by motivated students, not by motivated teachers." For most of these, there's nothing that can be done; however, if the last one is known to be the problem, you can send the potential mentor to the Mentoring & Coaching Advanced High School Student Research page on the Science Buddies website.

In some cases, professors can even become celebrities in the high school research competition world.