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One of the few things that unites Italians (sometimes in despair, more recently in joy following the World Cup win in 2006) is the national soccer team.Compared with most other European countries of a comparable size, Italy attracted relatively few immigrants in the 20th century (the massive industrial expansion in the north was achieved by the migration of workers from the south) and the country is still trying to come to terms with the huge influx of refugees and immigrants in recent years.They prefer to adopt a formal stance with somebody that just been introduced to.

“How can you not fall in love with a woman like that? The segment, a regular feature called Outrage erupted in the Italian public. Although egregious even by Italian standards, the broadcast confirms Italy as no country for women of any age or nationality.

The president of the House of Representatives, Laura Boldrini, condemned the show, saying that it portrayed women “as domestic animals, of which are to be appreciated docility, agreeability, submission.” Rai’s president, Monica Maggioni, described the show as “a surreal representation of Italy in 2017: that this type of representation is made by a public service is a foolish, unacceptable mistake,” pledging to look into how such material made it on air.

Indeed, that might be the understatement of the year. It’s only a matter of time, though, before they become as nuts as the rest.

If my beloved is reading this, he’s probably done a spit take all over his computer while sputtering, “YOU THINK? As any medical professional will tell you, being bonkers is highly contagious. ” This post is for them – it’s advice for people who are about to visit an Italian household (whether it be in Italy, or in the U. Rand and those poor souls who married into my family learned most of this stuff already, the hard way. Especially if you have managed to fall in love with some hirsute Italian boy or girl, and are planning on spending time with their family this holiday season.

Italy became a unified state only in 1861 and most people have more loyalty to their town, province or region than to Italy as a whole, considering themselves Florentines, Milanese, Neapolitans, Romans or Sicilians first and Italians a distant second, summed up by the word campanilismo – literally ‘loyalty to your bell-tower’.


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