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The service encrypts a short-lived token (called a ticket) with a password that can only be unlocked by the user.Service is available for edu, edu, and test realms.

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July 2017 - December 2017Oversee the following tasks: 1.

Secure any updates for Institutional Review Board approval for the qualitative and quantitative designs, including approval of required consents, instruments, and recruitment materials. Collect quantitative data through online surveys with parents, existing financial records from Maine’s Next Gen 529 savings plan, and existing administrative data on reading and math scores from the school district. Clean and analyze quantitative data to determine impact of program enrollment type on program participation as well as the impact of the program on academic and college savings. Collect qualitative data from in-depth interviews with 120 informants, divided among parents, children, teachers, school administrators, and program architects. Transcribe, code, and analyze qualitative data as a complement to the quantitative findings.

“The conversations I have with these women cover deeply personal details - everything that you wouldn’t want to tell someone else about, like sexual history, pregnancies, elective abortions, and drug and alcohol use.

I have to build rapport with them from the beginning.

May 2017 - May 2018The goal of this project is to build a trans-affirming index of health providers in SE Michigan for trans and non-binary people living in Michigan and/ attending the University of Michigan.


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