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Grant points out that “women are still getting arrested in the course of busting johns”.

"Flawlessly lucid"; "viciously insightful"; "quietly devastating"; "emotionally honest and psychologically dense"; "dares speak the truth about modern adult relationships." Those are a few of the phrases that were used to describe the movie Closer when it arrived in theaters late last year.

Although there are some aspects of Grant’s arguments that socialists would welcome, there is much to disagree with in this book.

Grant puts forward two main arguments: that prostitution should be decriminalised and that sex work is like any other work.

Even if the film worked – and it really doesn’t – its existence surely represents one of the daftest studio miscalculations of all time: without Snow White and without Stewart’s fanbase, they have approximately nothing to work with. Aren’t you familiar with the second-unit director of , before introducing a Yellow-Pack Katniss Everdeen (the normally dependable Chastain sporting ill-defined bondage gear and an och-aye-the-noo accent), before turning into a quest for what no one quite calls the One True Mirror, before descending into the usual unintelligible CG madness in which Charlize Theron grows tentacles or something.


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