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Afterwords, we bounce the database instance for the change to take effect. To do that, use the asmcmd utility to remove the file.SQL> show parameter spfile NAME TYPE VALUE ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------ spfile string DATA/orcl/SQL> create pfile='/tmp/orcl.pfile' from spfile; File created. The file system spfile will take precedence over the ASM spfile, but it’s not a bad idea to remove the old spfile in ASM. However, because Oracle will use the file system spfile first if it sees one, we need to remove or rename that file system spfile before bouncing the database instance.Sometimes my job has a aspect making me smile at the end of the day πŸ˜‰ I sat together with Johannes Ahrends during a talk at the OUGN Conference on the boat from Oslo towards Kiel.

I suspect this to be caused by applications that are not using bind variables, but I have not yet researched this further.

When you have such an occasion you can do 4 things : I went with option number 4, as the application was not developed by us and I still wanted oracle to be able to move memory from one pool to the other.

I'm not that into RMS so I don't think I'll be able to solve your problem. If you can use SPFile Version to get an old version of the file, would it be possible to move that one first and then overwrite it with the next version and so on? Jasper, that is exactly what is possible without RMS.

When using automatic sga management (sga_target), you might notice that your shared pool sometimes keeps growing, at the cost of the db_cache_size.

You can identify the static parameters using below query SQL select name, value, issys_modifiable from v$parameter where name='processes'; NAME VALUE ISSYS_MODIFIABLE ------------------- -------------- --------------------------- Processes 150 FALSE All parameter that have the column ISSYS_MODIFIABLE value FALSE in the V$PARAMETER view are STATIC parameters and remaining are DYNAMIC parameters in Oracle database.


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