Mate 1 dating service complaints

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The membership fee is 49.00$ or something a month, I had almost fell in. I've been speaking to a friend who is a lawyer, he is interested in it all hehe.

Really I had thought it was sort of scammish from the start, and god, if you think about it, it's SO simple and legitimate to perform.these girls 100$ per week, take a 49$ per month fee to join (doesnt apply to women, women can sign up for free and have full access) and take that 49$ multiply it by hundreds of thousands lol and you got a pretty penny.

The MINUTE I registered, I received emails from two attractive young women, stating: "I would like to correspond with you.

Please check out my profile and let me know if you are interested." The interesting thing is I hadn't even filled out my profile or added a photo at that time, so they could hardly have been able to say they liked it.

Properties include the church to enjoy different sex toys and seeing what i'm talking about and that's of course the toughest part is figure.