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They’re both not exclusive, there’s a lot of sex involved, and it’s not a relationship…sounds like the same to me? The biggest difference between friends with benefits and f*ck buddies is that you’re not friends with your f*ck buddy.

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It is fair to say that sex is a huge preoccupation for the majority of people on this Earth.

That's why Facebook statuses about sex always get a big response from readers.

In fact, even if someone is looking at you, how do they know that you don’t already know this woman you’re approaching, how do they know that this woman you’re approaching isn’t already your friend.

The only reason they would suspect anything is if you approach her nervously and awkwardly.

Women pick up on the same thing when you see them as a mere task...if you're introverted or not the best-looking guy by "speaking to her DNA", a unique speaking technique I decoded.