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I have just installed a new MSI 790GX-G65 and my Windows XP freezes a few seconds after it comes out of any sleep mode (S1, S3 or S4). The MSI website offers a Live Update Online service, which detects my BIOS version correctly at 1.4 and offers to upgrade it to 4.0.

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You really need 8 GB to do anything (including running Office programs, Quicken, or even multiple browser tabs in Chrome - not just gaming).

So I've been running 8GB of the new RAM I linked before, and so far it is working and stable (Prime gaming).

Might I ask where excacly you are getting the other error codes from?

especially error code 80, since you claim your PC does not display any visual information.

My mobo has BIOS 1.4; it looks like there was a 1.5 version, a 1.6, and then they jumped to 4.0 (I wonder why? The process downloads the update and runs an installer program to do the update; however when it's supposed to actually do the update, a DOS command window just flashes up for about a 1/2 second and disappears with no text visible. When I downloaded the BIOS update package, the instructions have a warning to use Live Update when updating from 1to 4