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I see the site's up again, but the chatrooms are still nae working, so if ye wanna chat wi' me on yahoo or gmail hangouts something, just let me know/inbox me and i'll ... I'm Tay, I have a bf, he doesn't do it for me. Bad ass girls with tattoos are my favourite - Ruby Rose, enough said.

I initially was here to find the 2% of decent people on this site. Hit me with some gifs and I'll send some back your way, and hopefully get ... I'll not lie, I'm married, but looking for some naughty fun once in a while with some other naughty girls.

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    Popular events are Pie with the Pi Phis, where students pay to throw a pie in the face of a Pi Phi to raise donations for the girls' causes, and the Crescent Classic Gamma Games, where sororities raise funds through a day of competitive games.

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    Besides, when you date yourself, you are never “geographically undesirable”.

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    The Pros: You don’t have to awkwardly tell someone that, after only two or three dates, you are quite confident you never want to see them again. The Cons: It’s definitely cowardly, it’s definitely immature, and it can leave people wondering when and where they went wrong. It is probably uncomfortable and awkward and will make you feel like a mean, bad person.

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