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We can do that by typing:meterpreter So, what can you do to make sure no one is peeking in on your habits in front of the computer? Some laptops with built-in webcams actually have a slide cover you can use.

If that's not the case, a piece of non-translucent tape should to the trick, unless you want to buy one of these or these things.

The key is to get the Meterpreter installed on their system first.

I've shown how to do this in some of my previous articles, where you could get the victim to click on a link to our malicious website, send a malicious Microsoft Office document or Adobe Acrobat file, and more.

Like in my last article on remotely installing a keylogger onto somebody's computer, this guide will continue to display the abilities of Metasploit's powerful Meterpreter by hacking into the victim's webcam.

This will allow us to control the webcam remotely, capturing snapshots from it.

First of all, why do you feel the need to hack into this account? Is the reason worth the time and energy you’ll spend getting into this account? Or maybe there’ some vital information you would like to access. You don’t need any coding skills of any nature to hack any twitter account online.