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We're not sure how long they were there, because the feet bones were still (together)," Halbirt said.

Whoever moved the bones probably wanted to get the job over with and moved the bodies as quickly as possible, missing portions of bodies. One of the post holes found midway in the wall is sunk about three feet, and he believes it was the base of a large cross."That's probably where they put the cross (for the church).

Halbirt doesn't know who the bones belonged to, although he thinks they were removed about 400 years ago and reburied. They had to move the bodies in order to put in the cross," he said. While people knew about the church and had an idea of its location, no evidence of the structure had been found.

Early maps, including the Baptiste Boazio map of 1586 and the Hernado de Mestas map of 1593, show the church.

So my reservation and me being there did not mean anything to them, they just wanted to get out of there on time and left me stranded in the airport and was forced to rent at top dollar through another company, instead of costing me $41 for a 24 hour rental it cost me $120.


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