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No, Couch Surfing is focused on free stay at a specific location, not primarily on meeting other users. Connecting Friends is aimed at all people with room in their hearts and their houses for new social contacts. Connecting Friends requires that members are willing and able to offer other hospitable members a comfortable stay and/or a seat at their dinner table.

A stay through Connecting Friends is free of all charges.

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Eén van de belangrijkste choreografen van de 20e eeuw, George Balancine, richtte er het New York City Ballet op...

Als Vriend, Gouden Vriend of lid van een van onze Geefkringen steunt u Het Nationale Ballet én zijn dansers. Als Vriend of Geefkringlid bent u welkom bij exclusieve activiteiten achter de schermen.

Results showed that adolescents clustered together based on dissimilarity in agreeableness, and similarity in gender and sexual intention.

Further, we found that adolescents with lower levels of emotional stability had friends with more similar levels of sexual intention.

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